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We are experienced real estate investors and we will purchase in any condition.

Turnkey Real Estate is a company that believes only in the importance of ongoing relationships and strong, wide networks. We work generously and ethically with our wholesalers, knowing that if we take care of you, you will be back to work with us again and again. We take pride in responding promptly to your proposals, and we always look at properties in person. Be confident that we know what we are doing and have been involved in more than 350 flip transactions.

We will consider a property in any condition, as we are experienced at rehabbing even the most neglected homes, and we keep our overhead low in order to buy at thinner margins. Most importantly, we will never try to cut you out.

Relationships are our first priority, and we have a great deal of respect for our contacts and partners. Your deal is your deal, and we want to work with you not around you.

  • We respond same day to all leads and potential deals
  • We look at the properties in person
  • We never go around you
  • We are very experienced and buy in any condition
  • Our overhead is low which allows to buy at thinner margins

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