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At Turnkey Real Estate, we understand that selling a home can be a confusing, complicated, and emotional process. Our goal is to take on as much of your burden as possible in order to facilitate the process. We can accommodate any situation you may find yourself in

Get involved in San Diego’s real estate boom without having to upend your life or quit your day job.

Turnkey Real Estate partners with many passive investors, and we are always looking to form new relationships with both novice and well-seasoned investors. While the real estate market offers some of the best opportunity out there for earning excellent returns on your money, not everyone has the time, energy or interest in managing the many details and complications that are inherent in buying and selling homes.

Turnkey Real Estate takes on the myriad steps involved in fnding the right properties, writing offers, managing renovations, relisting, showing, and selling for profit, not to mention the sticky situations that arise, like code enforcement, short sale and foreclosure red tape, problem tenants, and more. Reach out to us if you’re looking for an excellent return on your capital.

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